[Faith Journey 2024 – Texas and more]

July 5 Friday – Houston TX – Super Happy Fun Land
Fee $8 (door)
Doors at 7PM Show at 8PM
Imari Tones expected to play around 10PM (45-60min set)
Presented by Midnight Metal Monastery


July 7 Sunday – Dallas TX – ICC Dallas (Japanese church worship)
This is a church service. Imari Tones give testimony and play 2-3 songs. It’s a good opportunity to meet us and talk to us.

International Christian Church (ICC Dallas)
Worship service starts at 10:30AM


July 8 Monday – Dallas TX – Three Links
Doors 7:00pm Showtime 8:00pm
Fee $12
All ages
We probably play a longer set (60min+)

Ticket Link


July 11 Thursday – Austin TX – Carousel Lounge
Time slot: 4pm-6pm (early time slot)
Fee: expected $8 (tip jar or door)
We probably play a relaxed, longer set (2 sets?)


July 12 Friday – San Antonio TX – Fitzgerald’s
It’s a metal show!
$15 Presale, $20 door
21 and up Only
Imari Tones plays at 10:30PM (45min set)

Ticket Link


July 14 Sunday – Chattanooga TN – Revive Church (Church concert)
The Don’t Give Up Event
Time: 6PM
Free show
Bands: Imari Tones, Funky Sunday Party, Ko and Saori
Message: Dr.Butch Varner


July 16 Tuesday – Erie PA – Philly On The Rocks
Show 7PM
Fee $5 (door)
Imari Tones, Funky Sunday Party, JC NICKLES AND BROTHER BOCHI

Event page


July 17 Wednesday – Erie PA – Philly On The Rocks (Workshop)
2 nights in a row but this is not a concert.
Shinryu martial arts workshop (or drum workshop?)
Details: TBA


July 18 Thursday – Bowling Green OH – Vineyard Church BG
Door 6pm / Show 7pm
$10 (door)
5 bands on the bill and Imari Tones play 4th slot (Probably 30-45min set)


After that, Tak&Marie will fly back to Japan. However Shinryu will stay a little longer and tour with Funky Sunday Party. They will play Soul Stock in St.Marys PA.



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